Applied Clinical Nutrition Certification (ACN)

Applied Clinical Nutrition Certification (ACN)

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Our nationwide Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) program is a 100-hour post graduate certification sponsored by Texas Chiropractic College (TCC). Licensed health care practitioners, Standard Process® account holders and clinical nutrition staff members sponsored by a licensed practitioner are eligible to participate. Now you have the opportunity to create focus in your whole food nutritional training, learn foundational concepts not taught in other programs, combine local and distance learning and receive recognition for those efforts. 

This certification is broken into three segments totaling 100 hours of study: 

- Continuing Education Seminars (60 hours) - CEU seminars sponsored by TCC or other accredited chiropractic colleges constitute ⅔ of this program. These credits can be from nutrition-related seminars and/or online programs that meet this criteria. Enrollees are welcome to choose their seminar topics. 

- Required Independant Study (20 hours) - Your welcome box will include reading and audio materials specifically selected to create a solid foundation in whole food nutrition. An online quiz will be required at the completion of each unit. 

- Elective Independant Study (20 hours) - Elective study hours allow the enrollee to customize their certification experience with approved nutritional books, webinars, teleconferences, study groups, articles or written research, case study submissions, health-related movies and audio programs, concurrent college courses or certifications or conference attendance. Some enrollees may choose additional post-graduate CEU seminar hours in lieu of independent study. 

Upon completion, each enrollee must pass a 100 question final examination with a score of 80% or better. Whole Food Practice will track all completed tasks and submit a transcript to TCC for approval and processing. Your final completion certificate from Texas Chiropractic College will allow you to use the credential "ACN."