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With today’s busy and demanding schedules, it’s critical to have options for your professional development. We would all love to take leisurely weekends away learning to our heart’s content, but the reality is that we have to pack in more with much less - less time, less money and less travel.

We fully support the in-person seminar experience because you can interact with peers, form professional relationships, hear live questions and answers and benefit from impromptu speaker stories that will impact you at a heart level (not just intellectual level). However, it’s only practical in today’s technology-rich environment, to have educational opportunities to fill in the gaps. An online solution, like eLearning courses, is our answer to delivering smart, specific and practical training right to your computer, tablet or phone.

Our eLearning education platform allows you, the learner, to engage with great practitioners that have quality information to share. Our Presenter's Panel is a select group of contributors that embrace whole food philosophy and implement real solutions into their practices. Most are clinically active, dedicated Standard Process® and MediHerb® practitioners that walk the talk.

Why Learn Online - CEU vs Non CEU

Benefits of eLearning

-No time zones, bad travel weather or poorly regulated room temperatures
-No start or stop times; it’s all on your schedule
-No dress code - you can even wear your pajamas
-No time off from patients and staff can learn during their regular hours

But seriously, you’ll be able to apply new lessons and skills immediately, track your progress, submit questions to our clinical staff, participate in extensive certification programs and even earn continuing education credits.

Want a quick preview of our eLearning platform? Click below to take a video tour of our course layout and functionality.

Our Continuing Education eLearning Courses are sponsored by Texas Chiropractic College (TCC) and provide our clients with detailed nutritional and herbal training. We record live presentations and break the content into logical lectures, link to pertinent research and tools, create a examination to check key learning and provide instant scoring feedback. Once completed, we will submit your course transcript to TCC and you will receive an official CEU voucher.

The logistics of providing nationwide chiropractic CEUs is complicated and for this reason, we only receive automatic approval from 19 states for our eLearning courses. In addition, many states have very specific criteria as to what types and topics of online programming may receive credit for license renewal. The current CEU lists that we refer to are specific to the chiropractic profession, however, other types of license renewals may have similar regulations. It is up to each practitioner expecting to use these CEU courses for relicensing to know and understand their state’s by-laws and to confirm course acceptance by their state examining board.

All of our nutrition certification enrollees may use any of the CEU courses offered on this website to fulfill their CEU obligation.

Courses Offered

Click Here to Understand How CEU Courses can be used for the ACN and NCA certification programs.

Thanks for checking out our eLearning education platform. Enjoy this introductory course on us!

Mark Anderson, Nutritional Therapeutics course

eLearning CEU Courses FAQ:

Can I use your eLearning CEU courses for my ACN or NCA certification?

Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) and Nutritional Clinical Assistant (NCA) certificate enrollees may use any CEU eLearning courses from this site toward their continuing education seminar requirements to complete their 100 hour program.

Can I use your eLearning CEU courses for my license renewal?

Whole Food Practice cannot guarantee the acceptance of any chiropractic or other healthcare profession continuing education credits for courses taken on this site. It is up to each practitioner expecting to use these CEU courses for relicensing to know and understand their state’s by-laws and to confirm course acceptance by their state examining board. We will, however, make every effort to contact you, should you purchase a CEU program that is not automatically approved in your state.

What states offer automatic, online CEU credit approval?

The following states provide automatic, online CEU credit approval for Texas Chiropractic College sponsored programs:

Colorado (CO), Connecticut (CT), Delaware (DE), Idaho (ID), Illinois (IL), Iowa (IA), Maryland (MD), Massachusetts (MA), Michigan (MI), Montana (MT), Nebraska (NE), North Dakota (ND), Ohio (OH), Oregon (OR), Rhode Island (RI), South Carolina (SC), Utah (UT), Vermont (VT), Washington (WA).

Other states may still allow our eLearning CEU courses, however, there are often additional course submissions, fees and waiting periods. We will update this FAQ as we navigate this topic of online CEU approvals. If this is important to you in making a decision regarding online CEUs, please call (801) 432-8869 or submit your question to support@wholefoodpractice.com to discuss further.