Welcome to the future internet home of Whole Food Practice, LLC, the Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) certification program sponsored by Texas Chiropractic College and our new eLearning School. We anticipate phase I of this site to be released by September 15, 2018 with continual updates to the eLearning platform. Our focus is to provide support and educational opportunities to Standard Process and MediHerb clients nationwide and to offer a collaborative environment for whole food nutrition and herbal presenters that meet our stringent criteria. While we are under construction, feel free to contact us via email at support@wholefoodpractice.com or by phone (801) 432-8869.


Thanks for your patience during this big endeavor.


Melissa Taylor, ACN - Clinical Consultant & Business Director

Chris Taylor, DC, ACN - Clinical and Technical Advisor

RoquesAnn Armstrong, ACN - New Practitioner Consultant