1-1 Coaching

Why Enlist a Coach

Working with a “coach” has become today’s validated method to learn, create, focus on priorities, build wealth and stay on track with personal and professional goals. There are many reasons why athletes, CEOs, inspirational leaders and others use the services of a coach…but why should you?

How will a coach help you be a better nutritional practitioner?

Whole Food Practice coaching services will:
• Allow you access to technical advisors that understand whole food nutrition and have a vast amount of experience in providing clinical solutions
• Help you identify gaps in your knowledge, internal processes, marketing, staff training and patient communications
• Provide practical resources, tools and connections to make necessary changes and forward movement
• Assist you with setting realistic goals, accomplishing tasks and achieving success, one step at a time
• Clear a path and intention for being happy at work and fulfilled with your daily tasks.

Honestly, our type of coaching is meant to combine some structure, homework and impromptu sessions - whenever you need them. All questions are important, all discussions are private and we will make sure our time together creates a safe environment for thought processing and ultimately, change. We want to keep you rolling - with critical decision making information, clinical support and tools, motivation and future planning.

We will be firm, straightforward and provide you with our combined expertise and experience. Coaching means that we provide sound guidance, advise and tools…but you still have to do the work. We will hold your hand and cheerlead for you, but we will always expect you to hold up your end of the “contract.” Personal accountability is necessary for success.


1-1 Coaching - Phone, Web Meeting, Email and more
1-1 coaching sessions are private phone calls or internet meetings in which we explore a variety of topics or get together over a series of sessions to tackle more extensive goals and training. Here are some options for participation.


Single Sessions:
Have a quick product question? Want to discuss a patient case? Trying to hire a new staff member or you’re having performance and training issues? Want some advice on a new marketing campaign? Need help with content for a health talk? We can set aside 15, 30 or 45 minutes on our consulting calendar to help you get squared away.

Note to Standard Process West, Inc. Clients: We provide complimentary support and phone coaching services to customers in the Standard Process West, Inc. territory. It is not necessary to pay for your single sessions, however, you are still encouraged to use our online booking calendar to find a time that fits your schedule, call our office or email your questions - anytime.

Group Coaching Programs

Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) and Nutritional Clinical Assistant (NCA) Group Coaching

We host a monthly webinar event for each of our certification groups. Although there will be some planned training that suits further development and understanding of each certification type in the whole food nutrition field, we encourage the submission of questions before or during the meeting. We support a partially structured, partially fluid set-up to encourage monthly topics and to answer current questions with a study-group approach.

You will find information for these planned, group coaching events on our events calendar by clicking the Online Study Group category.

Fusion Practice Practice Building and Coaching

(course and coaching available online mid-year 2019)

The Fusion Practice Building and Coaching program has been a flagship seminar series for our staff for a number of years. We have recorded these sessions and will be creating an online course that will run twice each year and will include homework, accountability reminders and group coaching webinars for the practitioner and staff.

The goal of the accelerated Fusion Practice program is to assist nutritional practitioners, new or seasoned, in developing a well-crafted vision, well-trained staff, reliable examinations and assessments, better communications and a solid ability to plan and follow-through.

Enrollment for this program will be available in our Course Catalog. Once enrolled you will be added to our session database and announcements will begin. Once we reach capacity for each session, the program will be closed and you will be offered the next available date. All associated events and announcements will be posted in our Event calendar.

Nutritional Business Integration Program

Figuring out how to step back and assess your current office staff, procedures, tools and patient interactions in a “nutritionally positive” light can be daunting, but you also have embedded blind spots that will forever keep you from seeing what other people see - including your patients.

Our detailed, online business practice survey allows the practitioner to review and document a variety of business, patient and financial processes that will reveal those blind spots, create a baseline for goals and change and provide the content for two-45 minute coaching sessions to begin creating the whole food nutrition practice of your dreams.

All survey takers will be sent a copy of their completed survey in PDF form, as well as a survey booklet that reviews commentary for a majority of the questions addressed in the online assessment. Additional sessions may be purchased to drive change and integration faster and deeper, however, most people gain a great deal of insight from this process and feel confident in moving forward on their own.

Professional Development Tools

(Coming in Fall 2019)

Do you repeat the same personal and professional patterns? Is something holding you back from the success you dream of? Would you like an objective look into your own biases, judgments and method of thinking? Wait no longer…get out of your own way and take action to realize your dreams and to serve people in the most profound way - helping them achieve ultimate health, wellness and recovery.

We have partnered with an extraordinary human resources group to provide an assessment that is a predictive science tool, measuring how people think and make decisions, what they pay attention to and how they judge specific situations. It is not a personality or behavioral profile - it reveals our true strengths and weakness and is freakishly accurate. Everyone on our staff has participated in this process and we are totally sold on it’s value.

Whole Food Practice staff members will be using this tool in three ways:

• Practitioner professional development - helping the practitioner or associate practitioner understand their own thinking, biases and development areas so they can improve their performance, maximize communications and increase their potential
• Staff performance (for larger offices) - using the tool to asses the entire group to better understand office interactions, matching responsibilities and whether role changes are in order
• Hiring screens and interviewing processes - making sure you select the right candidate for the job and that you ask the right questions before making an offer. Minimizing risk is critically important to the small healthcare practice owner.

Discovery Session

We always extend an open invitation for you to connect with us, ask questions and see if our organization is a match for your goals and direction. You’ve got nothing to lose. Click below and schedule your complimentary discovery session today!

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Coaching and Consultation FAQ:

How do single session, pay-as-you go coaching or consultations work?

Single session consultations must be paid in advance and then will be added to our booking calendar. Cancellations must be made 24 business hours in advance (M-F) or fees will stand. You may suggest an alternate booking. If you benefit from a single session and would like to pursue more cost effective, multi-session coaching, please look into our coaching packages in our website store at www.wholefoodpractice.com.